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About Vitek 

Come live in a fairy tale for a while! Hotel U Malého Vítka – a hotel straight out of a fairy tale.

The Hotel U Malého Vítka is located in the heart of the Old Town in Český Krumlov on one of its oldest streets – Radniční ulice. A 7-minute walk to the castle and less than a minute to the town square.

The hotel was created by joining three burgher houses together. All three houses still stand on their Gothic foundations; two of them have Baroque Classicist façades while the third still bears its original Gothic appearance with a portal from the later 15th century.

Three Gothic houses come together to create a Medieval atmosphere with a friendly modern attitude. There are 20 rooms to choose from, while we lovingly look after you and support the original historical atmosphere. All our rooms feature standard modern facilities such as bathrooms and showers, TV, telephone in the room, and Wi-Fi throughout the entire hotel.

"I wrote the screenplay to my film 'Skřítek' here in the hotel. Here in the 'Lišaj Smrtihlav' room, we edited the entire film 'Gympl'. I've enjoyed many a delectable experience here. True, there may be plenty of magical places and hotels in the world, but Malý Vítek is completely unique, inimitable, and unrepeatable.

And it's still well worth discovering…"
Director, screenwriter, and actor Tomáš Vorel

"Over the past eight years and during all of my visits, other people have also found their way to Malý Vítek. I also, for example, finally received a recommendation from one of my friends, artist Jaroslav Róna. Vítek drew him in. Just like the Honza Hřebejk's court screenwriter Petr Jarchovský, who wrote the screenplay for the new film with his director Viktor Tauš. Vítek drew them in too. Some of my friends in Krumlov claim that there are ghosts living in Vítek. Maybe so, maybe not, but if they really do live here, then they emit pure positive energy...!"
Director, screenwriter, and actor Václav Marhoul

A labyrinth of corridors, impressive wooden furniture, cross vaults…
An atmosphere straight out of films and fairy tales.

Come and experience how the Český Krumlov burgher residents lived.

Come enjoy Krumlov and have a great time here.
We look forward to seeing you!

And that is not all…!

You can ask us at any time, and we'll be glad to tell you what to visit in Krumlov, and what you shouldn't miss.

Enjoy our rich hospitality – wine, beer, soft drinks, and great coffee.

We actively support culture and art – the Český Krumlov Malý Vítek Foundation was established here, so we'll make sure you don't get bored.

We live in Český Krumlov ourselves and we love this place. We'd love to have you experience it with us.

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